Butchers Table

Butchers Table

Product no.: BBB0515-0075 (Size: Small, Drawer: None, Thick: 100 mm)

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Irish Oak Butchers Table, make a fabulous extra storage space and work surface. A robust and utilitarian piece of kitchen equipment, they were first developed in the 1880s to provide a stable, hygienic surface for cutting meat. Apprentice butchers might expect one block to last their entire working life, and our versions, made from dense solid Oak. 

Our Butchers Tables are Bespoke and made to order. These Butchers tables measure 460mm (L) x 410mm (W) x 850mm (H), with a worktop measuring 500mm (L) x 450mm (W) x 100mm (H) — large enough to expand your available worktop space, but not so big as to clutter your kitchen.



We can make any Butchers Table to order with a Knife draw, wine rack or single/double storage drawers, caster wheels, even hooks and rails where required.

Small 500 x 450

Medium 620 x 495

Large 1000 x 500

X-Large 1000 x 620


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Selection: Butchers Table

Product no. Size Drawer Thick Status Price
BBB0515-0073 Small One 100 mm
950.00 *
BBB0515-0075 Small None 100 mm
850.00 *
BBB0515-0076 Medium One 100 mm
1,050.00 *
BBB0515-0078 Medium None 100 mm
950.00 *
BBB0515-0079 Large One 100 mm
1,150.00 *
BBB0515-0080 Large Two 100 mm
1,250.00 *
BBB0515-0081 Large None 100 mm
1,050.00 *
BBB0515-0082 X Large One 100 mm
1,250.00 *
BBB0515-0084 X Large None 100 mm
1,150.00 *


Product Note Status Price
Liberon Finishing Oil Liberon Finishing Oil
From 9.54 *
Pure Tung Oil Pure Tung Oil
From 11.62 *
Butchers Block Scrub Brush Butchers Block Scrub Brush
4.99 *
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