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About us


We are a 100% Irish owned company.









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Hi my name is Richard Demmy.

I am a master craftsman working in my self built workshop, at the back of my cottage, at the top of kilcolman hill 2 miles from the nearest village of Drommahane near Mallow, Co Cork.




I am married to Sandra and have a 21 year old son Edward who both lend a hand, my happy suprise Bella Louise aged 7, tries to help with the wrapping.

Aside from crafting wood my other interests include anything with a motor or engine (boys toys), movies and food.

the amount of random T.V. knowledge I have would scare you.

I am as passionate about my craft today as I was 7 years ago, when I started Irish oak personalised gifts.

My love for steak would never allow me to be vegetarian.

I love my work.


Due to the nature of oak there will be variations in the coluor.To cut down on waste we judge each piece individually and therefore sizes can be slightly larger or smaller than stated. As the rope is manilla, a natural material, it may shrink slightly when wet. Please allow for this when hanging a garden swing. It is your responsibility to always make sure a swing is safe to use.
All of our outdoor products are treated with specialty, After care oils. We recommend that you re-oil on a regular basis if you wish to keep it looking as it does today.If you do not treat our outdoor products they will go a silver oak colour.

(updated , March 2018).


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Telephone +353 22 47527 or Mobile +353 (83) 4616899


As featured in the Irish Examiner, Thursday, August 1st 2013.